Dad sees happy baby stretched out and grinning in crib in the morning and records her

Babies bring joy wherever they are –– whether it’s your own baby, that of a friend or family member, or a complete stranger, there’s something relaxing and uplifting about seeing a tiny human interact with the new and exciting world they’ve just entered into. One couple, Dan and Mike, adopted a baby girl named Emily Ruth in April 2014 and posted a video of her online titled “Ultimate happy baby waking up!” The video has since amassed over 1 million views, with her father calling Emily Ruth the “world’s happiest baby!”

The video begins with Emily’s father walking into her bedroom, which is made clear by the adorable decoration on her door. A pink glitter sign reads “Princess Emily”, while photos of her as a young baby sit below the sign.

As he walks in he can be heard saying “Here’s the world’s happiest baby” as he walks up to Emily in her cot. He tells her “Good morning princess” and Emily’s face lights up in a way that is absolutely heartwarming. Her mouth widens into a huge smile while her eyes sparkle –– she truly is beaming.

What’s even cuter is that Emily is already laying with her arms crossed behind her head, as if she is relaxing and lounging. It’s incredibly cute and only adds to the charming atmosphere she gives off.

They continue to have a conversation with Emily’s father asking how she is and Emily replying in the form of bigger and happier smiles. It’s impossible to feel sad when looking at Emily’s sparkling blue eyes and rosy cheeks, which are offset by the pink bed she’s laying on.

Emily’s dad starts to recount what they will do now that she’s awake, including sitting and reading the newspaper together, while he will drink a cup of coffee and she a cup of formula. Sounds like the perfect morning! The video ends with Emily’s dad doing a zoom up on her face, which only makes clearer just how cute and happy Emily truly is –– not a care in the world!

In the caption of Dan and Mike’s YouTube video they’ve included some backstory into their lovely family. They describe how in April of 2014 they “received a call that a little girl was born and ready for adoption. Just over 48 hours later, these new fathers were picking up their newly born Daughter Emily Ruth from the Hospital.”



They explain that along excitement and some nerves they were ready for this incredible experience and vowed to document their daughter’s life, “showing her that the world is filled with amazing people and so much love.”

Speaking more specifically about “Princess Emily Ruth,” they said she was “the ultimate happy baby. Always laughing and giggling…She wakes up with a smile, goes all day with a smile, and falls asleep with a smile.” Sounds like the happiest baby in the world to us then!

There are more videos of Emily on her fathers’ YouTube channel, including one where Emily sits in the car and appears to be mouthing along to A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. It’s truly adorable.

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